The vision of Thus Thought is to establish easily replicable low-cost models for improving the quality of education available to marginalized communities; thereby allowing every child to reach his/her true potential in life.


Our mission is to facilitate the improvement of quality of K-12 education in marginalized communities by engaging students in their learning, providing professional support for teachers, and building effective education partnerships within the community. We work with the community using positive deviance model to develop practical low-cost solutions that are mostly sourced locally and derived from within. As part of our process, we design a common framework for “Blueprint Copying” of our programs by other organizations and local social entrepreneurs.

Currently, a sustainable system that standardizes the quality of education across schools servicing marginalized communities is not available. Our aim is to provide a standardized sustainable system, which meets the following criteria:

  • work within the means of the marginalized community
  • must involve the community
  • must be replicable
  • must be measurable
  • must be able to be continued by the community itself